Maintaining linkages bearings may seem seem like a bike shop just trying to make a buck again, but in actual fact they play a vital role in the functionality and performance of your bike, not to mention its life span and integrity. When bearings seize they put pressure onto the frame which in turn can cause failure and your frame cracking. Our advice to help with maintaining and remembering when you did it, plan your linkage bearing service along with suspension services.
The reason I say this as it’ll make your bike feel and perform even better as these thing work together to create the ride you feel and paid a lot of money for. How often should it be done? Well, suspension should be serviced according to your ride hours but at least once a year it should have a full service along with new linkage bearings accordingly, secondly a general clean of all suspension seals and linkages mid way through your season would also be a wise idea especially if you are taking part in events.